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freelancer from Philippines dedicated to build a meaningful online product

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HTML – For creating webpages to be displayed via a web browser
CSS – Giving styles and give look and feel of elements
JavaScript – Adding effects & functionality
PHP – Used to develop static or dynamic web applications
WordPress – A platform I used to develop websites
ReactJS – A Javascript framework to build composable user interface
Laravel – PHP framework for web applications
Photoshop – Pixel based graphic design tool used for designing

Few things I learned during working in the field of web design and development.

Web Designer and Developer

Little Things About me

Based in Makati City, Philippines

A Filipino web designer and developer based in Makati City, Philippines. I did not finished a degree in college. I started a career as a flash animator on July 2006. I learned the basic concept in graphic designing for both pixel and vector based graphics. For me graphic designing is not enough, I taught myself on how to deal with codes like PHP and javascript.

I am a self-taught designer and developer. Able to develop responsive WordPress websites from scratch to a quality finish product. Most of my knowledge have been gained through self studying & experiences. I am keeping myself updated with technologies for web development. Learning is a lifetime process as technology continue moving forward.

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