My PassionWhat Can I Do.

not just a work but a passion

A self-taught web designer and
developer forged with experiences.

Website Development

Ensuring that the finished website has the following main features:

Responsive Viewable on both mobile, tablet & desktop

SEO Friendly Basic SEO practice applied

Manageable ContentContent is manageable via admin by using the WordPress platform


Lets build connection

collaboration and constant communication is one of the main factor to attain success

contact me.

development Process & Methods

Phases in web development may varies in every individual or team.


planning &Data Gathering

Collecting information from various sources to analyze, interpret, and use for decision-making or research purposes.


prototype building &Coding Phase

Putting all the gathered data all together to build a design wireframe and convert them into html template and other terms of web development


project testing & debugging

Phase where testing is being conducted to determine if the finished projects attained its requirements


project deployment

Deploying the finished project to the web


maintenance &enhancement

Maintaining the projects to ensure that its function is still working as it was before. Also determining if the features are still up-to-date.